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Fat Injection

Fat injection also known as autologous fat transplantation and microliponinjection is a procedure whereby fat is harvested from one's own body and injected back into other various areas. Removing fat from the body has become the goal of many people trying to achieve a more desirable figure.  Now why would someone want to get rid of fat, only to have it reintroduced back into other areas of their body?  Well, for some cosmetic procedures adding fat can actually help enhance one's appearance.

What are the benefits of Fat Injections?

The nicest benefit about fat injection is it is YOUR OWN and it can be injected virtually anywhere in the body where there is soft tissue or volume loss. 

Fat Injections can improve upon appearances not only caused by aging but in all areas of the body where there is a soft tissue defect.   Those conditions include but are not limited to:

*     Filling in deep facial wrinkles and creases
*     Plumping up creased and sunken areas
*     Adding fullness to the lips and cheeks
*     Creating a better balance to one's facial appearance

*    Filling in soft tissue defects of the breast( as in breast reconstruction),     chest,  buttocks, arms,etc


Dr. Bouzaglou has been performing fat injections to the face and body for over 10 years.  The procedure is typically performed either under a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic in The SurgiCenter.  The fat is first aspirated from the desired location using a syringe technique.  The syringes are then placed in a centrifuge to allow the fat to separate.  The fat cells are then transferred to a different syringe and injected in the required area to achieve the desired result.  The results are immediate and long lasting, although occasionally additional fat transfers must be performed to achieve the desired result. 

Fat injection has been extremely popular in breast reconstruction where the effects of an underlying breast implant (rippling) may be ameliorated by injecting fat under the skin above the implant to give a smoother appearance or softer feel of the breast. Fat injection in  patients who have had flap procedures for breast reconstruction also benefit to help fill in small remaining defects. 

Fat injections have been and can be safely performed in the privacy of our accredited outpatient facility, The SurgiCenter.


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