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Vascular Lesion Removal

Treatment of Vascular lesions with the Max G Laser

The majority of vascular lesions are benign. Therefore, treatment is considered to be purely cosmetic. This is particularly true with cherry angiomas and broken blood vessels. Vascular lesions that are periodically traumatized, particularly those that may be rubbed by the natural folds of the skin or by clothing because of their location, may need to be treated.

Other vascular lesions, such as port-wine stains, should also be treated because they can get worse with age. Port-wine stains in particular can get thicker and develop vascular blebs, which are grape-like collections of blood vessels, which can lead to bleeding.

Other vascular lesions, such as capillary hemangiomas, commonly called strawberries, usually go away on their own over time. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to treat these vascular lesions unless they are in a problematic area such as the nose or the eyelid, of if they are continually irritated by movement or clothing.